The role of savior must be a pretty groovy thing. In the past, people who devote their lives to save people from bondage or oppression have always been noted on the Who's Who of Groovy People and hallowed and revered throughout the land. I like that. Walking around, hearing people cry and zooming off to rescue them then stand and wait for the photographers and girls in bikinis. What a life!

This has got to be what Reverend Jesse Jackson is thinking also. Jackson is a bona fide, real-life, living, breathing vigilante superhero. And he must get more photographers and bikinis than any other man past or present.

In 1984 he went to Syria to rescue an American pilot who crashed there.

1990 witnessed him assist in the release of over 700 Iraqi women and children from being used as human shields to America's Desert Shield.

This year he negotiated the release of our three soldiers captured during the fight in Kosovo. A feat I still accolade to the gentleman.

Now he's answered to the cry again.

There are 13 Iranian Jews being held on espionage charges due for trial.

Iran has executed 17 Jews in 20 years for the same offense, none of which were ever proven completely.

Jackson is now working a plan to have them saved.

Does this guy have a bat signal or something? I have to say, I've never been a big fan of the Reverend but he has some pretty neat accomplishments in his resume'. I always considered him a cheap knock off of a really great man, Martin Luther King, Jr. But in many respects he has surpassed King.

The simple worldly aspects of his freedom campaign alone broaden his appeal.

And who can forget him performing Green Eggs and Ham on Saturday Night Live.

On the same note, in the past everyone heralding his victories wanted him to run for President of the United States and save America.

Well, I don't want him to. And I think that if he ever were elected president it would be a grave era for the U.S.

Think about it. Jackson's forte is the tactile representation of the oppressed. He's like that Jim Brown flick, Black Moses. "Let my people go, Brutha!"

If he were turned into the leader of a land he has to stop all that swashbuckling political brouhaha. Only Harrison Ford can get away with that activity.

Now to be fair, I think Jackson himself realizes this. He has not expressed a true interest in the Presidency since 1988. His name pops up every now and then but still only as a door prize to the real show.

Jackson knows where his strengths are and ironically that makes him an even better leader. It's always nice to have that guy who boldly charges the windmills but it is more comforting to have a person actually take the time to plan and then act. Jackson is a planner and then a doer.

I wrote it before, I'm writing it again. Good luck Rev. Jackson. I hope you can help those people out.