There's a bumper sticker out there, a favorite of mine, which reads, "What's the use of having a cat if you can't torture it?" Now before I get into this decidedly messy subject let it be known that I own three cats and dearly love them all.

He he.

There is a dude who has taken this bumper sticker philosophy a little too far. Recently Louis Wesela, age 48, was sentenced to 21 years in prison for first degree homicide of the family cat.

Seems the kitty hissed at him during an argument with the man's wife so he later hunted the feline down and drove a couple of bullets through the beast.

Does the word "overkill" mean anything right now?

Actually the whole argument was the cat's fault anyway to tell the truth. Wesela and his betrothed were yelling over rumors that she was having an affair so I guess the kitty was involved in the conversation somewhere.

Seeing that as the true subject of the debate, Wesela simply took appropriate actions to teach the kitty a lesson with a bang it had never seen before.

Now this is clearly a sad case of over indulgent animal abuse and the red-faced inability to control anger. One should never shoot a pet. In fact one should never shoot an animal period. Use explosives. The carnage spread is much more efficient and the bang, it is understood, is much, much more dramatic.

Then again, bombs are too big a step for Wesela. I've learned that he has an exponential growth in weaponry throughout his past.

First he was arrested for punching a couple of people at a car wash.

Next he introduced a bottle to an undercover cops skull during a drug bust.

Later he found a hammer and attacked a water utility truck.

Finally he took a tire iron and tried to remove some poor guy's lug nuts.

Now he's shot a cat to death with a .45.

I think the lesson to be learned here is a one of temporal economics and sheer common sense.

First, killing a cat gets you 21 years. But given our current legal system, if he had killed his wife he'd be out next Friday. Looks like he targeted the wrong pussy.

Now, I don't condone violence. I make fun of it when it is unabated and silly but it's all just jokes. This dude clearly needed some help. Perhaps a hug. Maybe if the cat has purred instead of hissing then it would still be purring now.

I just can't get the course of events that lead to the cat's ultimate demise. The wife sleeps with someone else. The cat sleeps in the living room. The husband is talking with some buddies at the bowling alley. The cat gets a morsel or two out of its dish in the kitchen. The conversation at the bowling alley turns drunken and one of them brags that Wesla's woman is riding another pony. The cat goes to sleep again. The husband speeds home to catch his wife in the act. The cat goes to the bathroom. The husband arrives and the fireworks begin. The cat speeds for its only safe spot: the bedroom under the bed. The heated argument boils over and the wife leaves the house to cool down. He goes to the bedroom. The cat hisses at the husband. He murders the cat.

Geez. The poor thing never saw it coming.

Great, now I feel bad.

There was not one single ounce of torture in the whole episode.