Okay, I'm going to be blunt here.

Why can't the FBI just admit they killed 80 people 6 years ago in Waco, Texas?

Now I'm sure you've heard at least something about the Branch Davidian disaster and the possibility of the FBI and ATF being responsible for igniting the fire that burned the place to dust.

People are bickering back and forth over the meaning of phrases like, "military gas rounds" and "concussion grenades".

It's like watching a bunch of chickens trying to decide which one eats first when the farmer drops by with some corn and an axe.

Janet Reno recently said she wishes people would just out and out ask her to resign and get it over with instead of bringing up inquiry after inquiry.

Well Janet. I'm asking you to resign. I not only want you to resign I want you to set yourself on fire and burn to death like the children in that compound you ordered destroyed years ago.

One would have to be Mr. Magoo looking for a contact lens to miss the hulking mass of evidence against you and your cohorts in the ATF.

Now to be fair I want to make it clear that I think David Koresh was a Whacko who deserved enough jail time to make a Twinkie rot. He was harboring illegal weaponry and other forms of contraband that no regular citizen has the right to hold. He was an adulterer and even worse a molester and I'm sure he is enjoying a good old fashion body broil in Hell somewhere but the kids he molested and the folks who were sickeningly tossed into his hall of mirrors list of lies didn't deserve the same fate. The FBI brought justice to Koresh. They murdered everyone else.

Anyone remember the television images of that fateful week in Texas?

The hours and hours of psychological attacks with that music and white noise from the Judas Priest size speakers?

The power cut so they would swelter in the hot compound in the middle of the summer?

Anyone remember the tanks?

What the hell does the ATF need with tanks?

I can still recall, very vividly I might add, the images of the tanks punching holes in the walls of the compound and spewing noxious (and incidentally, flammable) liquid into the only few spots in the place where the children and women could hide away from any fire fight.

They punched about half a dozen holes in strategic places.

And then they launched grenades into the building. It caught fire and was leveled just hours later.

Clearly the ATF planned on the Davidians running out in terror.

Well, remember the gas they injected into the rooms with the women and children? That gas rendered them unconscious. They burned to death in their sleep.

Not a pretty image and certainly not one for a humor column such as this but as I said before. Certain messages need telling.

David Koresh was accused of possessing deadly weaponry and defying the law with lies and defensiveness.

Janet Reno, the FBI and the ATF are accused of the same thing. The only difference here is no one is trying to kill Reno.

So my question here is… who's the real bad guy?